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Category: Questions

Granting a Praye

:Question Does Allah (SWT) grant all our prayers? Is it possible that Allah (SWT) does not grant our prayers? How can we become confident that our prayer will be granted? May Allah (SWT) bless you. :Answer  As you may be aware, prayers have an esteemed position in our religion, and are considered as one of […]

Islamic Regulations, Reason for Superiority?

:Question Muslims act upon specific religious laws and regulation. For example, they only eat meat from animals that has been slaughtered in the Islamic fashion. Then what makes Muslims better than the people of other faiths? Why does God prefer Muslims to the followers of other religions? :Answer The fact that Muslims do not eat […]

Islam, the Religion of Violence or the Religion of Love?

:Question Christians claim that Christianity is a “religion of love”. Their reaction to violence is kindness. For example, one of the common phrases amongst them is,” … to him who gives you a blow on the right side of your face let the left be turned.”(1)  Another phrase in this regard is, “If someone kills […]

The Holy Quran and the Parents

:Question What are the recommendations of the Holy Quran with respect to parents? :Answer Respecting parents and showing the proper behavior towards them are issues that are considered very important to Allah (SWT).  As a result, a considerable number of verses in the Holy Quran and narrations from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) and his progeny are […]

The Purpose of Marriage- The Characteristics of the Spouse

:Question     Please explain the main purpose one should seek in marriage, and mention the characteristics and specifications of a spouse who could bring us to this goal. :Answer The question you asked regarding the purpose of marriage and the characteristics of a spouse who could help one achieve this purpose, is an important issue […]

The Return of the Infallible Imams (PBUT)

:Question Why has the issue of the return of the Imams (PBUT) (Raj’ah) not been mentioned clearly by Allah (SWT)? :Answer The return of the Imams (PBUT) to this world, also referred to as Raj’ah, is one of the beliefs that the Shiites hold. Reference to this belief can also be found in the Holy […]

Imam Mahdi (PBUH) – Longevity and Occultatio

:Question  Shiites claim that the 12th Imam of the Shiites is still alive, but he is experiencing the occultation era. How can that be possible? What does the occultation of Imam Mahdi (PBUH) exactly mean? :Answer Today, medical science has proven that all the organs and structure of the human body have the capability of […]

Divine Justice a Principle of Religion ,Why?

:Question Why do Shiites consider “Divine Justice” (from amongst all the other attributes of Allah (SWT)) as one of the principles of religion? :Answer As you may be aware, the prophets propagated their messages on the basis of two executive guarantees: warning the people and bringing glad tidings for them. They warned people from the […]

Allah’s Justice and the Death of the Children

:Question Allah is just. If this is true, then why do children die yearly from illnesses and diseases they themselves do not cause? What is their sin? :Answer Indeed Allah (SWT) is just.  He is not an oppressor because the source of oppression derives from ignorance and lack of knowledge. Allah (SWT) is omniscient; He […]

Prostrating on Earth

:Question Why do we prostrate on Turbah (earth) in Salat? Although I do understand that the banning of prostration on Turbah is a Bid’ah, an innovation in religion, I am however, requesting a firm answer backed by logic and narrations that will help me answer my Sunni brothers. Thank you. :Answer As you may be […]

Salat (Daily Prayers), Why Five Times a Day?

:Question Why do Muslims pray five times a day? Why do they not pray eight times a day? :Answer The only suitable and proper reference for commanding or making a law (in religion) is Allah (SWT), for He is our creator and free of need from all others. He is therefore aware of what is […]

Taqiyya (Dissimulation of Religion)

:Question What is Taqiyya and where has it derived from? :Answer According to Islam, one’s faith and belief is more valuable than his/her life.  There have even been cases in which people sacrificed their lives for their belief. However, it is noteworthy to mention that the issue of belief is something internal. Hence, an individual […]

Seeking This World VS. Seeking the Hereafter (Akhirah)

:Question How does Islam view the relation between this world and the hereafter (Akhirah)? Does Islam consider them as two completely separate and different matters? How does Islam describe people who only strive for this world in comparison to the people who strive for the hereafter? :Answer According to Islamic thoughts, this world and the […]

The God of Muslims (Allah) and the God of Christians

:Question Do Muslims and Christians believe in the Same God? :Answer In reply to this question, we will provide several verses from the Holy Quran, which are actually a representation of Muslim beliefs about Allah (SWT). It is noteworthy to mention however, that the principles of theism all derive from intellectual and rational reasoning. These […]

The Divine Mercy and the Punishment in the Hereafter

:Question The disbelievers ask why Quran repeatedly emphasizes the issue of torture, pain, punishment, and suffering in the Hellfire?  Is such a God beneficent and merciful, or rather murderous and bloodthirsty?” Please refute this statement using verses from the Holy Quran which express Allah’s (SWT) mercy. :Answer Similar to how you have worded your question, […]