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Category: Monotheism

The God of Muslims (Allah) and the God of Christians

:Question Do Muslims and Christians believe in the Same God? :Answer In reply to this question, we will provide several verses from the Holy Quran, which are actually a representation of Muslim beliefs about Allah (SWT). It is noteworthy to mention however, that the principles of theism all derive from intellectual and rational reasoning. These […]

The Divine Mercy and the Punishment in the Hereafter

:Question The disbelievers ask why Quran repeatedly emphasizes the issue of torture, pain, punishment, and suffering in the Hellfire?  Is such a God beneficent and merciful, or rather murderous and bloodthirsty?” Please refute this statement using verses from the Holy Quran which express Allah’s (SWT) mercy. :Answer Similar to how you have worded your question, […]