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Category: The Holy Month of Ramadan

Practicing Obedience

“O, you who believe, fasting is compulsory for you, similar to the peoples prior to you, may you become pious.” (The Holy Quran 2:183) There are verses in the Torah and the Bible about fasting(1). There are contemporary Jews and Christians that fast some days in different variations during a year. They either abstain from […]

Wise Worshipping

“Many people get nothing out of their fasts but hunger and thirst; many people get nothing out of their night prayers but exertions and sleepless nights. Bless be to the sleep and eating of the wise ones!”(1) In our religion, the acts of worship have a body and a soul, just like human beings. In […]

The Spring of the Quran

And the Messenger will say, ”O my Lord! Surely my people have treated this Quran as a forsaken thing (1)”. Based on the verses of the Holy Quran, this is how the Messenger of Allah (PBUH&HP) will complain to Allah (SWT) about his nation. Since the Holy Quran is the manifest of personal and social […]

Lessons of Freedom

There are many who expound libertarianism, and encourage others to freedom; however, they are, obliviously, enslaved and bounded, and do not have any determination by themselves. Many who violate others’ freedom and rights for the sake of their desires, and count themselves as the sole ruler of nations and societies are dispossessed of freedom, as […]

Educational Aspects of Fasting

There are many aspects in fasting as it has many material and spiritual effects on mankind, but perhaps the most important effect is the “moral aspect”‌ and “educational philosophy”‌. One who fasts should prevent eating and drinking despite hunger and thirst in addition to control lustful desires. One has to prove that he is different […]

The Way of Benevolence

According to the narrations from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) and the Infallible Imams (PBUT), the month of Ramadan is the best of months and its hours are the best hours (1).” Thus it is proper that everyone hold this month in great esteem and spend the precious time of this month performing the best deeds. However, […]

Ramadan and Our Habits

We, as human, wander among certain moods and desires. Despite our fluctuant life and uncertainties we face, we remain in a constant struggle to achieve calmness.  But after enduring years of suffering and difficulty in work, study, and scheduling, we realize that we are faced with an even greater problem in our way: “the routine”.  […]