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Category: Other Occasions

Destruction of Baqi: A New Cult

Eighty nine years have passed from that tragic incident; one whose bitter consequences still affect the Muslims… After occupying Mecca, they attacked Medina; but the defenders of the city did not have the power to face them. They occupied the city of Medina as well. Then, they entered the cemetery of Baqi and destroyed the […]

On the Occasion of Insult to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH&HP) and Desecration of the Holy Shrines

O Lord! It is hard on us to experience the absence of our Prophet, the occultation of our master and Imam, the abundance of our enemies…, and the severity of our trials.  (Phrases from Iftitah supplication)  News about the insulting caricatures naturally shocked and disturbed us. We found ourselves asking the question, “How can a […]